Convert from VMware to QEMU

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This is a quick and dirty quide to converting an Vmware disk file (.vmdk) to something usable by QEMU.

Now QEMU cannot use the vmdk file directly, but has a facility in qemu-img to perform the conversion.

qemu-img convert win2kpro.vmdk -O qcow win2kpro.img

The next step is totally optional but allows to build a snapshot overlay to which all further rights will perform.

qemu-img create -b win2kpro.img -f qcow win2kpro.ovl 
Formating 'win2kpro.ovl', fmt=qcow, backing_file=win2kpro.img, size=8388608 kB

Now win2kpro.ovl should be usable by qemu. I fire it up and am greeting with promising pictures of Windows 2000 booting up, but after about 10 seconds a BSOD which says INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

I tried this with a Linux instance (centos-3) and it works :)

After conversion and boot up, kudzu runs and handles the (virtual) hardware differences. Also the sda references in /etc/fstab are now hda, so some massaging of fstab is necessary.