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Here are some of the projects I'm working on and technologies I'm in the process of using, learning or wanting to learn.


Pending Projects

These are projects I haven't really started yet, except maybe for some planning & research.

  • Audio intrepeter - issue unix cli and window operations via voice using a headset. See gnome-voice-control project and Julius

Completed/Inactive/Archived Projects

  • Security research - I watch reports from SANS, Secunia and SecurityFocus for vulnerabilities that affect FreeBSD ports, and submit the vuxml updates. Corresponding to this, I track the OVAL list and continue to seek ways to improve the security stance of FreeBSD. Update: Ubuntu-security has a nice project going called cve-tracker which is very similar to what I'm trying to accomplish... a CVE integration with portaudit or even base.
  • Running Free Geek Seattle startup. This is a great organization focused on recycling/refurbishing computer gear and providing Linux training to underprivileged youths and seniors.
  • FreeBSD CVE - retrieve/translate CVE entries for portaudit
  • iSCSI particularly for storage of virtual machine disks
  • Learning Puppet (a CCCM alternative to CFEngine)
  • Implement web content filtering via WPAD & dansguardian - to help keep the little ones "safe".
  • svnspam
  • Encrypting my home folder to safeguard my laptop data.
  • Playing with the Firefly Media Server (aka. mt-daapd) on my home network to service my Roku Soundbridge M1000.
  • Investigating my personal power usage - going green to save money on electricity

Abandoned/Attic Projects