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There are numerous marketing companies who will track you by your Internet usage (aka click streams), web bugs, etc. Doubleclick is probably the most notorious example. (Now owned by Google... are you worried yet?)

I call them "Tracksters".

The host or domain names used by them can be easily determined by browsing your cookies after surfing the web for a while.

Shown below are some real-world domains found in my cookies file.

A condensed & clean version of this list is at

Host/Domain             Cookie name     Notes    CoreID6         id   DM541004C4EZV6  }  DM550217FKDEV6  } A pattern emerges!      DM53123059DMV6  } others are oreilly, techtarget vmware           rt              CTG         s_vi            } [1]            (multiple)             (multiple)    (multiple)           (multiple)   s_vi            } [1]         ACOOKIE  s_vi MAXID           } aka Openads            (multiple)     phpAds_id      (multiple)      s_vi             } [1]       SYSTEM_USER_ID   } another          (multiple)       } all start with WR54122...          uid                (multiple)       } aka QuinStreet Media             (multiple)       } Advertising Delivery System (ADS)   (multiple) (multiple)     SM         (multiple)   (multiple)       } probably *       (multiple)         (multiple) (multiple)       trackalyzer               (multiple)      } "behavioral targeting", yikes            (multiple)         ANON_ID         } ANON == ANONYMOUS? yea, right                 (multiple)          (multiple)         (multiple)      } touts "Detailed, state of the art tracking capability"

See Also


Most cases, just blackhole the SLD, e.g. instead of

[1] See &

There are LOTS of other references and resources for this type of information.

blackhole-gen script

I run this on my FreeBSD name servers.

Step 1. Create the /var/named/etc/namedb/master/ file

$TTL    1d
@                        IN SOA @ root (
                                        2006051201  ; serial
                                        1H          ; refresh
                                        15M         ; retry
                                        4W          ; expiry
                                        5M )        ; negativeTTL

                        1D IN NS        ns1.foster.dmz.
                        1D IN NS        ns2.foster.dmz.
                        1D IN A
*                       1D IN A

Note: You should change the NS lines to match your OWN authoritative name servers.

Step 2. Add this line to named.conf:

include "named.conf.blackhole";

Step 3. Put this script in /var/named/etc/namedb/blackhole-regen

# Warning, this script probably only works well on FreeBSD 5.5 or newer
# Stick it in cron to run once daily or so, as root
# Regenerate named.conf.blackhole file from updates "targets"
# file maintained by mark.foster
# also reloads named.
cd /var/named/etc/namedb/

mv -f named.conf.blackhole named.conf.blackhole.old

for d in `cat trackers`; do
  cat <<EOF >> named.conf.blackhole
zone "$d" { type master; file "master/"; };

/etc/rc.d/named reload

Step 4. Run the script, and restart your name servers

/etc/rc.d/named restart

Step 5. Optional but recommended, add crontab entry in /etc/crontab so this runs daily

0  12  *  *  *  root  /var/named/etc/namedb/blackhole-regen