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How to get started in DRIP (the easy way)



The DRIP network began over a year ago, in March 2020.

The community (investors) is steadily growing and earning 1%* per day in dividends. The minimum deposit is only 1 DRIP (~$10 USD as of 6/6/2022) and the earnings on this deposit can be compounded or claimed. As a result, DRIP can be used by a patient investor to earn massive gains over the course of time. Earnings can be accelerated by dollar cost averaging (DCA) and building a team which earns you more referrals.

My personal strategy is to compound at least once a week, but many compound daily. There is a trade-off as the fees charged by in BNB (on the Binance smart chain) can add up, depleting your earnings. Have a look at https://drip-hydrate.com/ for an easy to use calculator to determine when (how often) to hydrate based on various factors.

Step by step

1. Install Metamask browser extension

2. Add the Binance smart chain

3. Purchase BNB on Binance, Binance.US or Kucoin (suggested $100 minimum)

4. Withdraw the BNB to your Metamask wallet address on BSC

5. Add a buddy

Visit https://drip.community/

Consider using my buddy address 0xC4070D977510A37b2543876C6a586b5c219C1A8D

6. Swap your BNB for DRIP

Visit https://drip.community/swap

Connect wallet (upper right)

Enter the amount of BNB to swap for DRIP (but do leave at least 0.05 BNB for fees)

7. Deposit DRIP into the Faucet

Visit https://drip.community/faucet

Deposit all of the DRIP you just exchanged

8. Hydrate and earn

Daily* visit the Faucet and Hydrate (or claim) your earnings

Wrap up

That's it! You are on your way to compounding a small fortune! Remember to hydrate often and DCA in if you want to accelerate your way to increased earnings.

Q & A

Q. Will DRIP make you rich?

A. I think it has potential for that, if you work the system (i.e. hydrate) and are patient. Of course there is the price action to consider as market swings can impact things ultimately. But the idea is that DRIP is deflationary because of it's taxes and tokenomics.

Q. Isn't DRIP just a ponzi / MLM / pyramid scheme?

A. This is certainly a common opinion. I think if you look at the tokenomics it is not purely a ponzi scheme, however it does rely in game theory and future inflow of capital to maintain the price. You can READ THE WHITEPAPER and form your own opinion.

I did plenty of research before investing and honestly I did not jump in at the first chance, I actually waited more then 3 months before finally deciding to get in and so far I have not regretted it.

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Lots of people say "do your own research" (DYOR) and due diligence before investing (gambling) with DRIP or any cryptocurrency, stock, etc. Also people always say don't invest more than you can afford to lose. I follow that advice.