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For help with anything not covered here, contact the Sysop

Welcome to the ConShell help page. The goal of ConShell is the dissemination of technical information, in the form of How-Tos, recipes, cheatsheets and tips, with a focus on system administration, Linux, *BSD, DNS, SSL/TLS and so on.

This server is running MediaWiki on a Ubuntu Linux server hosted by Digital Ocean somewhere in California (USA).

While the information (tips, recipes, How-Tos etc) is freely available, it is through community contribution that this site will grow to be useful on a large scale. Therefore I ask that you the user, upon benefitting from the information contained here, find a way to pay-it-forward so to speak, such as by performing one or more of these actions:

  • Consider making a donation
  • Visit the To Do List and help take care of needed housekeeping or other improvements.
  • Tell a friend or colleague to the helpful page, tell them that you "found it on ConShell"
  • Add a constructive comment or helpful revision to the information page you used
  • Add a page of your own - as long as the content is technically informative within the scope of the goals stated above.

If you are interested in contributing to the site, please review the MediaWiki help page on editing then sign-in to create/edit pages. Due to persistent vandalism, initial account registration must be validated by a Sysop, so please be patient!