Mail Servers

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Mail servers come in different forms.

  • Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) typically speak SMTP and perhaps LMTP.
  • Mail Delivery Agents (MDA) speak IMAP, POP3 usually also supporting SSL/TLS (IMAPS, POP3S).

These mail servers can do some or all of the above.

Mail Plugins

These are add-ons to mail servers that enhance the functionality.

  • SpamAssassin - analyze & score message content using bayesian filters
  • Amavisd-new - meta-wrapper for spamassassin and a large number of anti-virus programs
  • Sieve - a plugin for Dovecot to filter messages just before delivery
  • Postgrey - a grey-listing agent for Postfix
  • Procmail - a powerful filter/classifier utility