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My systems are running these versions:

Involvement & Advocacy

I have been using FreeBSD since 2000 and an active ports maintainer.

From 2004-2006 I helped run the Seattle BSD Users Group (SeaBUG) and maintained their website.

Ports I maintain

I maintain(ed) the following ports (software packages):

Ports under consideration or working on but not submitted/committed

See all ports I maintain and the error logs for the same.

Update process

This is how I update my systems. I always do this in screen since it can take a while.

  1. Run freebsd-update fetch
  2. Run freebsd-update install
  3. Reboot (if prior step installed updates)
  4. Run freebsd-update install - once more to fix any dangling issues
  5. Run pkg_cutleaves - identify and remove any extraneous ports
  6. Run pkg audit -F -or- portaudit -Fa - to check for any security issues with installed ports
  7. Run pkg upgrade - upgrade all eligible packages

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