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Cool Commands - recorded for training purposes at EMC Isilon. Covers dig and fstat on FreeBSD

Using Bugzilla - given at EMC Isilon Dec 2013

Computer Mathematics- "Numbers, Units and Time for Computing" - given at Free Geek Seattle in Nov 2013

Killer Encryption Apps presented at GSLUG Jan 2010

Tame your Infrastructure with Puppet presented at LinuxFest Northwest 2009 [2009-04-25]

DNS & Linux presentation given at Linuxfest Northwest 2007 [2007-04-28]

"Applied DNS" presentation given at Seattle BSD Users Group [2004-11-18]

A similar but more polished "Applied DNS" presentation was given at LinuxFest Northwest [2005-04-30]

Exim MTA presentation given at Seattle BSD Users Group [2004-03-18]

Network Audit Tools presented at Seattle SAGE [2002-06]