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This page is intended to provide some review and insight into the various DNS providers.

Some of these are also DNS Registrars either direct or as resellers.

secondary.com (UltraDNS)

These guys used to be free, now they charge. I guess I was grandfathered in at some point, since they provide secondary (slave) service for free up to 5 domains. The service is professional enough, and they even (used to?) do TSIG keys for securing the zone transfers. They'll also email you when the zone transfers fail which is quite proactive compared to some others.

important.gif See: UltraDNS sales tactics, ripe with sleeze! (added 2008-03-24)


They provide reliable free secondary DNS among other things. They have 4 servers total, all running DJBDNS. Their service is ROCK SOLID even if the interface is a bit lacking. I have seen very few cases where their servers came up lame or unreachable over the past 2 years.

Update (2011-06-06) "...services offered by EveryDNS will be discontinued on August 31, 2011 and your user information will no longer be accessible through that site."

info.gif Highly recommended.


Used them for a number of months back in 2003, only to get burned. They decided to swap out the entire website and lost me as a customer because all their servers went lame. Nice job whoever you are!

Now (2008-04-23) when you try to visit their site, you get a infinite Redirect Loop.

important.gif See: Time to redelegate...

DynDNS (Dynamic Network Services)

They offer primary and secondary DNS amongst many other things. Price detail. I have used them for dynamic DNS for about 4 years and have been pretty happy.


Although it looks professional enough and uses FreeBSD (cool factor +1), I have discovered after using the secondary service (ns2.afraid.org) is very unreliable as my monitoring shows it is lame for my zones at times, on a frequent basis. I will be un-delegated my domaines today --fostermarkd 15:09, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

DNS Made Easy

Quality service, used by a folks I know. No complaints as yet.

See Also

  • Registrars has reviews of a handful of domain name registrars
  • Credentia has some good information about DNS.
  • DNS Report lets you check the health of a domain/zone.
  • Open DNS provides free recursive DNS service with added-value like typo-correction and filtering of badness.